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Desbloquear Caja Digital Megacable Cisco

Desbloquear Caja Digital Megacable Cisco de una manera facil

¿Como Desbloquear Caja Digital Megacable Cisco?

Antes de Desbloquear Caja Digital Megacable Cisco, vamos a ver una pequeña introducción de lo que son estas cajas.

Las cajas de cable digital permiten a los usuarios ver un gran número de canales de cable digital en sus televisores, que normalmente no pueden acomodar el gran número de canales que se ofrecen con las cajas de cable. Además, estas cajas de cables permiten el uso de "controles parentales" para bloquear ciertos canales y programas de la vista. Desbloquear estos canales es un procedimiento sencillo, siempre y cuando tenga el PIN necesario para desbloquear el dispositivo.

Paso 1
Pulse el botón "Menú" de su mando a distancia para abrir el menú principal.

Paso 2
Seleccione la opción "Control parental" en el menú principal

Paso 3
Seleccione la opción "Desbloquear" o "Desbloquear todos los canales".

Paso 4
Introduzca el PIN en el cuadro de texto con el teclado del mando a distancia y pulse el botón OK para desbloquear los canales del cable.

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Tenda AC5 review - Smart dual band 2.4GH / 5GHz Wi-Fi Router (AC1200), price Rs. 1800 (approx)

Here is review of Tenda AC5 smart dual band Wi-Fi router. This router supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz band, you can also use the Tenda app to setup, customize and check connected devices. This Tenda AC5 router will be launched in India around 20th May 2018 for Rs. 1,800.

Tenda will soon launched the AC5 AC1200 Smart dual band Wi-Fi router in India, somewhere around 20th May and it will be priced at around Rs. 1,800. The Tenda AC5 supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz band and will easily switch if the device supports it.

Inside the box you will get the router, user manual and a power adapter. The router is compact, light weight and made of plastic. The upper body has got a unique wave like texture that gives a premium look. Build and finishing is very good.

There are 4 antennas, 1x WAN, 3x LAN, power on/off and WPS / Reset button. Another unique thing about this router is the automatic migration. Yes the Tenda AC1200 can automatically migrate the Wi-Fi Settings from your old router on to the new router. You just need to follow the steps as mentioned in the user manual. Also the ISP user name / password migration works only with PPPoE account.

Tenda AC5 review

Tenda AC5 is powered by 1GHz CPU, supports MU-MIMO and makes use of Beamforming+ technology. Users can also use Tenda App to remotely manage the router. This router can deliver high speed as high as 1167Mbps. The 5GHz band has less interference, more stable connection and higher speed this makes it best for 4K streaming and for Gaming.

Tenda AC5 box

MU-MIMO improves quality of simultaneously connected devices. Using the app you can check how many devices are connected to this router and how many are using 5GHz or 2GHz band. AC5 integrates the Router, WISP, and AP modes for various scenarios. It also supports wireless relay, extending your WiFi network to your whole home.

The signal range is pretty good and stable, as good as the Mi Router that I was using, this one however is better as it supports 5GHz technology, except for my Laptop all other devices that I am using support dual band Wi-Fi and in most cases are using 5GHz band.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

The Tenda AC5 will be launched sometime around May 20th 2018 and price will be around Rs. 1,800.

Check the video review below.

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