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jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018

Item review - Comfast 750Mbps WiFi Repeater (Model CF-WR750AC)

This is a video review I made for about the #Comfast CF-WR750AC, a 750Mbps #WiFi #repeater.

Here are several links to purchase the item (Amazon (Amazon (Amazon (Aliexpress)

The brand: Comfast

The model: CF-WR750AC

The pros:

- I work with the previous model of Comfast Wi-Fi repeater for more than a year and I am a big fan of this device by this specific brand.

- Design is great compared to all the other Wi-Fi repeaters I reviewed so far.

- Easy to setup (as can be seen in the video).

- Can operate as a router and an access point also (I mentioned that in the video shortly).

The cons:

- doesn’t offer improvement compared to the previous model I reviewed if your internet connection is less than 300Mbps (which is probably the case…). Thus the extra money is something that you should consider between both models before making the purchase.




Q: When you say 750Mbps - do you mean "MegaByte or MegaBit per second"?

A: The correct answer is "MegaBit per second", and I wrote it properly, but I spelled it like it might sound to some people as "MegaByte".

In the future I will put more emphasis on that ;-)

(Thank you +Highlight Reel of Chris Jericho for your input on that issue).

Q: How can I check the Wi-Fi signals in my area?

A: I recommend you to download an app to your smartphone named "Wifi Analyzer" that is easy to operate and I mentioned in this video - here is the link to download the app from Google Play app You mentioned in the video review that you also made a video review about the previous model - Can I watch it?

A: Here is a link to the video review I made about the Comfast CF-WR302S wireless The LED indicators are blinking all the time - is this normal?

A: The WiFi repeater has several LED indicators, some appear constantly (power supply for example), while others appear alternately and blink (data transfer or whatever it's called...).

So as long as it works fine I think this is normal.

Q: What distance does this WiFi repeater can cover?

A: As I explained in the video at 4:14, this WiFi repeater is supposed to work up to an area of 160 squared meters.

Here is a link to the user manual of this item:

I will update the link soon.

Here is the description of the item:

Wi-Fi Repeater 750M Transmission Wi-Fi Range Extender Dual Band 2.4G/5.8G Wireless With Dual External Antennas Comfast CF-WR750AC

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