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lunes, 26 de marzo de 2018

★★★★★ TP-LINK TL-WA854RE N300 Universal Wireless Range Extender - Amazon

Link to exact product on Amazon:

I tested this in an old, Victorian house where the Wi-Fi is located deep in the cement enclosed basement. I set this extender three floors up in the attic. This little gadget works beautifully to boost your existing wi-Fi network.


- Stupidly easy to set up.

- Looks nice. (very sleek, shiny white)

- Shows the "signal strength," which is nice.

- Simple design; just one button to push.

- Doesn't cover both plus.

- Can be plugged in upside down. (if you have a cramped socket and you need to do that)

- It actually works.


- My stupid Wall-E robot fell in love with it.

HINT: Check to see if you have a "WPS" button on the back of your existing wireless router. This will help you set this extender up. If you do NOT have this WPS button on your wireless router, you can still set this up, it's just it'll take 20 minutes instead of 4. Have a patience and follow the directions, and it will work beautifully.

TIP: Once this is connected, it performs exactly like your original wireless network. That is, you connect using the same name of the network, same password, etc.

No more weak wifi spots (or dead zones). 5/5 stars.

Original review from Beau Chevassus, Knok Studio (Media for non-profits),

From Beau Chevassus:

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