Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cracking WiFi password WPA/WPA2 with Fluxion | [Educational Purpose Only]

Wpa/wpa2 cracking with fluxion is easy. It is not cracking but social engineering into the wifi. You create the fake wifi with same name and the victim connects into the wifi. the app servers a page asking for the wpa password to the user and you get the password on your pc. Easy AF

You need:

Linux PC

Fluxion installed

WiFi adapter (if on desktop)

So if you have the above requirements you are ready to go

Fluxion git repo: git clone a problem? Comment below

Warning: This Technique Could Be Illegal Without Permission

Legally, Fluxion combines scanning, cloning, creating a fake AP, creating a phishing login screen, and using the Aircrack-ng script to obtain and crack WPA handshakes. As such, it leaves signatures in router logs consistent with using these techniques. Most of these practices are illegal and unwelcome on any system you don't have permission to audit.

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