Thursday, May 10, 2018

How to Change The Password On XFINITY Router Cisco DPC3941T

Learn how to change the password for the new XFINITY Router.

Follow my blog you have Comcast as a service provide, a Comcast modem and router there's a way for your to change the password on the XFINITY Router Cisco DPC3941T that was originally preset on the Comcast router.

This will work for anyone with xfinity wifi, comcast xfinity, Comcast wifi. The Comcast login or xfinity login are both the same, if you have their router for wifi for home.

Your Comcast sign in for the Comcast xfinity internet, Comcast internet, which you can use with Comcast service, should be set for your use and the password needs to be changed upon first login.

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