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How to online remote view from Jio Fi to CCTV DVR NVR IP CAMERA

1 Camera setup at shop/Home

You need below mentioned things:-

1. Hikvision IP Camera (for Watch live camera anywhere from internet)

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2. Router/Access Point (for Jio Internet Repeater Mode)

Iball Baton Router

Buy Link: (Price :- 780/- )

3. 4G Smartphone with JioSim for Hotspot

4. After Purchase those things connect it with your laptop or computer for 1 time configuration.

my configuration charges is 1000/-

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How to online remote view from Jio Fi to CCTV DVR NVR IP CAMERA

How do I connect my CCTV DVR to the Internet with JioFi

Hi Friends,

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In this video i will give you answer of most important question which is asked 1000 of times from me by comment, emails.

How to Connect CCTV DVR or any other device to Jiofi dongle. or how to use JioFi dongle internet into network (Lan or Wlan)

for that you need to check your WiFi Router

has a option "Working Mode" on not.

Work Mode option has some types to use router as Range Extender,Repeater.

if you router not has that option do not worry,

just buy a device "TPlink TL-WA901ND"

it is a Access Point. lets configure it.

Login Username: admin

Password: admin

we are choosing Repeater mode to connect this device to JioFi. Remember some thigs after configure it. i will tell you later.

DHCP Server Should be / Must Be Disabled.

JioFi already giving IP Address to Client Devices.

So do not enabled it .

and All Devices in network should have same ip addresses series.

like if Jiofi ip address is

then Tplink Access Point IP

Your Computer IP

You Mobile IP

for auto matic DHCP settings go to JioFi settings

open it in Chrome by ip

goto settings and change dhcp start range to

when it reboot complete jiofi will connect with this tplink access point wirelessly.

now connect a lan cable to tplink access point to your router,switch or directly to your cctv dvr.

(All Device IP should be same and gateway of all devices should be Jiofi ip address )

like go to cctv dvr network settings. input this ip address details

IP :

Subnet Mask:


DNS1 :


now your CCTV DVR will get internet.

if you have any questions please ask related to this video. i will help you and need your help to grow this channel please like,share and subsrcribe.

TPLink TL-WA901ND Access Point :

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