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martes, 19 de junio de 2018

Xiaomi (MI) WiFi Repeater/Amplifier Setup w/ Other Routers

Video guide to setup/configure Xiaomi's WiFi Repeater/Amplifier to extend the network of a WiFi router not made by Xiaomi. I'm using it to connect to my Asus router.

Download Mi Home app (Play Store version and has a different interface now) - purchased the repeater from AliExpress - You cannot set a custom password for the network created by the repeater (and you can actually make changes to none of the settings). The app sets the same password as used on your router.

The device is branded as WiFi+. If you instead want to set it up with a Xiaomi Mi Router, you just need to plug the stick into the USB port at the back of the Mi Router and wait for the LED to turn blue.

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