Tuesday, July 31, 2018

D-Link Wi-Fi Day/Night Baby Monitor / Camera Review for iPhone and Android DCS-820L

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1:12 - Hardware overview

2:02 - Night vision video sample

2:58 - App demo

5:51 - Remove cloud usage overview

6:30 - Conclusion and final thoughts

Yes there's something convenient about using a smart phone or tablet as a baby monitor. But I have yet to find a WiFi monitor that is reliable enough to be used as a primary monitoring device.

This one from D-link comes close, but it still has the same problem many others do: if the app crashes in the background (or some other app grabs the audio output for the device) there's no reliable means of knowing that your child is no longer being monitored.

D-Link attempts to address this problem through a push notification feature that works along with their free cloud service. However I found the push notifications to not be very reliable. The notifications worked great the first time I used the camera, but my second night with it resulted in no push notifications at all even though the camera was picking up motion and sound events. I finally received a push notification alerting me to the camera being off 10 minutes after I unplugged it.

Beyond that major gripe the camera is pretty nice. Image quality on the SD model I reviewed is good, the night vision is excellent, and the set up process was relatively simple. I also like that the camera will record motion and sound events to the SD card in short snippets so it's possible to see how many times your child stirs or wakes in the middle of the night.

The bottom line? This is a good secondary monitoring device but I wouldn't recommend it as a primary one. Stick to a dedicated monitor for the primary device.

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