Friday, July 27, 2018

D-Link Wi-Fi Motion Sensor and Wi-Fi Smart Plug Review, myDlink Connected Home

D-Link Motion Sensor and Smart Plug Review Today we try to make our home a little smarter with a few items from D-Link. The items are all part of the mydlink connected home series -

Wi-Fi Camera DCS-5222L (read about it here: Smartplug DSP-W110 (read about it here: Motion Sensor DCH-S150 (read about it here: previously reviewed the DCS-5222L, you can see that review here - we like about the mydlink connected home series is how you can setup rules. If motion is detected, turn on a spotlight and then start the camera and send you a text. You can also do scheduled events, so you can have a lamp go on at 8pm each evening and even turn on some music if you really want to create the illusion of being home when you are 1,000 miles away.

The Wi-Fi Motion Sensor is very easy to setup. Plug it into the wall and follow the 3 step setup. Same is true with the Wi-Fi Smart Plug.

Here is some current pricing -

The D-Link DCS-5222L Pan/Tilt HD Camera - $153 at Amazon D-Link Wi-Fi Smartplug DSP-W110 - $37.75 At Amazon D-Link Wi-Fi Motion Sensor DCH-S150 - $39 at Amazon visit for our full review

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