Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Dlink DSL 224 | Airtel VDSL Modem | Configuration | Static IP | Port Fwd | DVR Cam | Speedtest- Wifi

This section edited on 2 June 2018: Firmware link for version 1.08 even for people who are using the new version and are facing a low-speed issue if you change and use this version you will get stable speeds. Link to download is video is about the fourth and latest modem provide by the Airtel for their VDSL connections and this one is Dlink DSL 224 and In this video I provided you the detailed overview where I showed you the Looks of Modem, Configuration for Dlink DSL 224 Modem, Static IP configuration, Port forwarding to configure it as Inhouse server, DVR camera configuration, Updates about Firmware Upgrade, Tr069 and CWMP need along with the speedtest on 40Mbps connection with the same modem connected to Airtel Vector Technology. Hope you like this video and feel free to ask if you have any queries, would be happy to answer those for you.

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00:00 Introduction and device physical Interface Tour

01:44 Configuration Settings for Static IP

04:04 Manual and Must in some cases DNS configuration

04:25 Configuration for Normal IP (Normal User Stuff)

05:48 Speedtest 40Mbps connection

06:37 Port Forwarding for FTP

07:34 DVR Camera Setup

08:32 Hard Reset Modem from Interface

08:47 Hide Wifi and change Password or Wifi Name(Security)

10:03 Firmware Upgrade


Music by Joakim Karud

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