Saturday, July 28, 2018

How to setup Mi USB WiFi repeater with Tello Drone 无线网络增强教学

Ryze Tello is famous small drone. But video recording quality having frame drop issue. This is cause by WiFi between Tell and your phone.

Solution is get a WiFi repeater / booster with stronger strength and coverage. Here I use Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2.

Video showing how to setup. Basic step will be :

1. Install Mi Home. Sign in/ Sign up Mi account

(Must select China Mainland)

2. Switch on Tell. Enter Mi Home add device.

3. Select Mi WiFi repeater, then search for network.

4. Connect your Tello WiFi, key in password if got any.

5. Check your phone WiFi. If see same Tello WiFi name with ending "_Plus" that's your repeater signal and successfully connected with Tello.

6. Phone connect to Repeater signal, and .. You Got It !! :)

Football field range test Tello 和 WiFi Repeater

1. 手机安装"米家“ 也就是 Mi Home. 设置户口。

2. 开启 Tello, 进入 Mi Home 增加设备 Add Device

3. 选择 Mi WiFi Repeater 然后寻找讯号。

4. 看到 Tello 的 WiFi 就按链接。如有密码就输入。

5. 可能会出现链接不成功,别担心。先用手机 WiFi 检查一次。如果有和 Tello 同名,后面多了 "_Plus" 的网络就是成功了。

6. 把手机的 WiFi 连接这个多了 Plus 的网络就成功了!

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