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Netgear AC1200 WiFi range exTender Setup - Wifi Repeater Setup/review - wifi exTender gaming fps

WiFi repeater/extender made by NETGEAR. My video shows you how to install/Setup NETGEAR WiFi Extender AC1200 (EX6150) WiFi Range Extender & WiFi Repeater setup. This way you can get rid of those dead zones in and about your home or business by using this NETGEAR WiFi Repeater to extend your WiFi out beyond your existing wireless WiFi router. See how easy it is to perform a NETGEAR ac1200 WiFi range extender setup/installation in just a few minutes using this NETGEAR repeater connected to your WiFi router in your home. it's also call a WiFi Repeater, WiFi Booster and also a WiFi Extender. This makes a great WiFi Extender for Gaming that is sure to improve your gaming fps. The best part is that this Netgear wifi extender or NETGEAR repeater setup is easy when you follow my video suggested steps. Does my video show you how to do a NETGEAR extender setup without spending a whole day in doing it? Absolutely!.

This NETGEAR AC1200 extender/wifi repeater is small and plugs into any AC 110v wall socket in the world. The WiFi repeater connects with your existing WiFi router in no time at all. Plus you don't even need to be directly connected to it via a Ethernet cable or even in the same room. It connects and allows you to setup the WiFi connection to your WiFi router wirelessly to your home or business wireless router.

Keep in mind that this video tutorial on WiFi repeater review and WiFi repeater setup is very short but straight to the point. You can also use the Ethernet port/LAN port (RJ45) on the side of wifi repeater to connect those devices that have no wireless ability and must connect via a LAN cable. Like some older LAN printers or desktop computers and Play Station PS2, PS3, PS4 that will work faster when using a cable connection.

Some important things to remember are:

1) If your WiFi repeater is to close to your main router, they will compete against each other's signal since they are both on the same WiFi channel, 1,6, or 11. So you must distance the WiFi extender far enough away to so the channels don't overlap each other. This will only slow down your LAN/WLAN. Hence, defeating your reason for installing a Wireless-n WiFi repeater to begin with!

2) I believe in surge protectors. Put your wireless repeater on one. Protect it against power outages and AC surges. You might just call it network or electronic insurance, just like car insurance or auto insurance for your box. Don't let the power company kill your new WiFi repeater extender during the night or day when you are not home.

3) Set up can be done by a laptop, computer desktop/tower, tablet or cell phone with WiFi connectivity with an Internet Browser. But it can also be done by a hard wired RJ45 LAN cable too. See my last note for instructions on how to use a RJ45 cable for setup.

4) Don't allow yourself into thinking that this is a WiFi router. A WiFi repeater router, a network WiFi repeater extender are two entirely different dogs. A router routes internet information and the other extends and/or repeats the information on a network that a router routes from the Internet out onto your network. Think of this device more as a WiFi range extender. Some times it's also refer to as a router range extender, a repeater extender, wifi booster extender or wireless router extender. But they all just repeat your wireless signal halfway between your wifi router and where you want to set up shop. How to Expand Your Wireless Range across your house or yard using this cheap made in China no name no brand Wireless repeater for all your computer devices including cell phones.

Here are my thoughts and review about this WiFi repeater from NETGEAR:

1) It feels and looks solid and well built.

2) It's an Easy WiFi Extender to install and setup.

3) The signal strength is strong and constant. Normally get 3 to 5

WiFi bars on this WiFi repeater when placed mid way between the main home WiFi router and the WiFi laptop, desktop, tablet, Play Station, mobile phone and wireless devices.

4) The NETGEAR AC1200 range extender EX6150 was price below $100.00.

5) The display LED lights on this wireless repeater are bright, clear and easy to read.

6) No over heating issues. Barely gets hot.

7) Is this a excellent and best wifi extender for gaming with improved FPS? Yes!

8) Does it eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Zones? Yes.

9) Do I like it? Yes! Would I buy it again? Yes!

Keep in mind that this NETGEAR Repeater works with all NETGEAR WiFi routers and mostly all other brands of WiFi routers too.

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