Thursday, August 23, 2018

How To Setup Tp Link Wifi Extender (WiFi Repeater Or WiFi Booster)

In this video you will watch how to install ,setup and configure TP Link wifi booster. Wifi booster is also known as wifi extender or wifi repeater and wifi range extender. To Setup TP link wifi extender power on your wifi extender and your wifi modem.

Take your Laptop or pc or smartphone and then scan for wifi networks. By default Tp Link wifi booster has not password protected . So scan it and click to connect . Then open your web browser . Type "" and click enter .

follow the instructions to configure .Using the upper method you can easily setup tp link wifi extender


Note: During installation of TP link wifi range extender , Place it new your wifi modem or where the modem's signal is strong .And set the same passwords for your wifi modem and tp link extender for better connectivity


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