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Tutorial Create a Wifi Repeater in Minecraft

create a block for your minecraft repater

Create a wifi repeater in Minecraft easy

The repeater is a special block that interacts with Redstone. It has 3 main functions: it acts as a repeater, diode and signal retarder. The reason they are called that is because of their main function of repeating the signal, since the redstone signal only travels up to 16 blocks without a signal expander. It only accepts signals from 3 directions: from each side (see above), from the front (where the signal exits), and from the rear (where the signal enters). You can also delay the signal between 1 and 4 ticks (to choose).

Repeat in Minecraft or "refresh" a Redstone signal, allowing you to travel another 15 blocks (at the cost of a delay of 1 tick per repeater) or 17 blocks with an opaque block before and after the Repeater.


The repeater to following serves as an input current to a repeater directly behind it:

A Redstone cable, which will automatically point to the repeater.

A redstone block.

Any of the following will receive a redstone signal being placed in front of it:

A Redstone cable

Any block that can be charged with Redstone power.

minecraft repeater 2

Any instrument that can be controlled by Redstone (doors, propelled rails, musical blocks, etc.).
Another repeater pointing in the same direction and placed in front of it.

Note that a repeater can receive a signal from a weakly "energized" block, and will increase the signal to maximum strength: a block will be charged strongly, as long as it is charged to the maximum power of 15.


By right clicking on the repeater, you can manage its delay from 1 to 4 ticks. (Each Redstone tick equals 0.1 seconds, or 2 game ticks.) Normally, this corresponds to a delay from 0.1 to 0.4 seconds. Longer delays can be done with multiple repeaters; for example, one repeater set to 4 and another to 1 will give a half second delay (0.4s + 0.1s = 0.5s). Repeaters greatly simplify the construction of delay lines. The simplest possible clock can be built with a Redstone torch and a repeater.


You can create a latch by combining two repeaters, the first one has an input from behind and an output from the front, while the second one points to one of the sides of the first one. When the second repeater is powered up, the first repeater is blocked, and will not turn on again until the second repeater has no power. (Visually, the repeater's delay switch is replaced by a bar with the texture of the Base Stone). Note that this is not simply boosting the first repeater on one side, as redstone dust, levers, etc. will not block a repeater.

Musical Blocks

The redstone repeater is often used in combination with Music Blocks. To make a song, many repeaters are required to create the rhythm. Some players use repeaters, music blocks and a button to make a bell in their homes.


The repeaters, implemented by Jeb, are added. Originally the 4 possible positions were "1, 2, 5 and 7", but changed to "1, 2, 3 and 4" for simplicity.

At first, a device placed directly in front of a repeater showed strange behavior. If the input to the repeater was a Redstone cable or a Redstone torch, then the effect on a device was reversed, and if the input was anything else, then the device was not altered by the repeater.

When the repeater and the device were connected via Redstone cable, everything worked as expected.

Before, the particles generated when the block was destroyed were like those of the Pumpkin. This bug was fixed in Beta version 1.6.

Now, Redstone points and connects to the repeater automatically like any other mechanism.

Official release

Now, the repeaters remember their state and transmit energy when the world is charged. Before, when a stored world was charged, they did not transmit energy. This meant that clocks had to be reset each time you charged the world. Many reset systems were created for this purpose.
1.3.1 Repeaters can be found inside jungle temples, where they are part of a puzzle mechanism.
1.4.2 Jeb planned to add "latches" as a block. Instead, that function was added to the same repeater.


In the code, the repeater is called a diode.Repeaters can be used as one-way doors by placing the repeater under an arc. You can only pass under the arc if there is a block above your head on the side you are trying to enter.If the player shoots an arrow at a repeater, each time the repeater changes its state it will make the sound that the arrows make when they come in contact with a block.

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