Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Ep 52 - I want good Wifi on my Sailboat !

Enough of the crappy wifi that takes 10 seconds to load a webpage ! We are turning that page behind us (pun intended) and turning Celedon into a Wifi reception zone. Or so we thought. In this episode we tell you everything about our struggles to find and install a working Wifi repeater and booster. Also we show you our new bicycles, that we wouldn’t have had to buy if some a-hole hadn’t stolen our bike in the first place. We get some help from Sergio and Lucia (thx guys) to free our last blocked halyard and we get to eat the most delicious fish ever (thx again guys).

Thanks for tuning to our channel ! Now we are taking the time to translate all episodes in French ! See you next time…

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