Wednesday, July 31, 2019

$1000 PFSENSE ROUTER?! | Not a good tutorial

Ideally, I would sell these parts for profit and just buy a Netgate router to configure... but what's the fun in that. I've always wanted to build my own, so I used some old gaming pc parts I had lying around, threw in a 4 port Intel NIC and installed pfsense. Part 2 will cover how I configure the device and use it in my home network.

More info on MUCH more useful 4 port NIC I Thank you for stopping by my channel. I'm Caitlin, a long time computer builder (since 2005) and gamer who just loves talking about technology and sharing my passion for the industry. I upload videos weekly on everything from reviews, to builds, to random tech finds and discussions. Join me for the ride by subscribing to the channel and don't forget to say hi on my social links below!



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