Thursday, July 11, 2019

Gamers Are Awesome - Episode 96

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✦Submissions (Comrade (AmZe (Ushpa27)

Xbox User: Panzerfaust Helikills

Xbox User: (shabeeb (ZIKA (AK (II Hooshii (Cyber (CPL. (Ondre (Loran (Santiago (MIGI28 (Ns (xDK (Matthew (ARFCfuzzy175)

Music from

0:00 Run Further - Bonnie Grace

2:07 With All Our Might - Hector Posser

4:53 Stonecold - Killrude

6:45 Checkpoint 76 - Hector Posser

8:47 A Chase Across Borders - Hector Posser

Thumbnail credit: (Wildlands Photos)


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