Thursday, July 25, 2019

iBoost Motorhome WiFi Booster Unboxing

Strive looks at whats in the iBoost WiFi booster box. iBoost Motorhome WiFi Booster Unboxing - Living in a Motorhome Fulltime, Steve, Wendy, and Pippin enjoy travelling around the UK and soon to be Europe when time allows. We took a year off and travelled around the UK seeing places that we had no idea existed until we stumbled upon them. Our first adventures took shape in a 10 year old Caravan; a Coachman Pastiche 540/4 which we towed behind a trusty Audi Allroad 3.0TDI Quattro. A beautiful combination of tow car and living space.

We purchased the car in January 2016 and the Caravan in March 2016 and set off on a journey to Essex in memory of Wendy’s mum who’d passed away in January 2016.

In July 2017 we decided that we’d buy a new motorhome and so we now travel around in a Hymer T678CL Golden Limited Motorhome.

We work at a caravan part in the North West of England part time and so get at least 4 days a week when we can be free to travel.

This channel is all about our journey and our lives as Fulltime Motorhome Dwellers.

Affiliate Links to things we’ve purchased along the way and that we recommend:

DJI Spark Drone - Induction Hob - Gas Hose for BBQ - Mirror Covers - Cell Pads - Sabrelink Awning LED Lights (Starter Kit) - Sabrelink Awning LED Lights (AddOn Kit) -

Vlogging Set up:

Lumix G7 Camera (14-42mm kit lens inc) - 14-42mm Lens - 25mm f1.4 - Video Micro Mic -

Tambien te Puede Interesar:

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