Tuesday, July 30, 2019

WiFi Repeater Router, Review & Setup - Wireless-n WiFi Repeater / WiFi Extender - No Name Brand

This video shows a no name brand Wireless-N WiFi repeater WiFi Range Extender setup and review. Now keep in mind this WiFi repeater/WiFi Extender has no brand name associated with it, hence, no name brand wifi repeater. I purchased this off of eBay for less then $15.00 bucks. Most likely made over in China or Taiwan. You can watch how I did the WiFi repeater setup and how to do the WiFi Extender installation into the house electric wall outlet.

Learn how to setup a WiFi extender in your house to get more WiFi signal strength and range out of your primary WiFi router. It does not take long to see how to setup Wireless-n WiFi repeater plus get a wireless amplifier extender (wifi repeater) to extend existing WiFi signal beyond your wireless router another 25 feet or more.

I take you through the whole process of opening up the packaging, installing it into a wall outlet and going though the setup process within Windows 10 and making a Netgear WiFi router connection on my home LAN.

This is a plain and simple wireless n repeater installation guide video tutorial for an easy extender/repeater setup. And this just could be the best wifi repeater or wifi extender for your money presently being sold today.

BTW: When it comes to WiFi repeater and/or WiFi extender just follow this rule of thumb: Extender location is the primary key to getting the best signal quality and most distance out of any extender. You might experience interference problems, for example: thick walls or floors, other electronic equipment or extender might be to far away from router...etc. Test until you find the best sweet spot somewhere mid way between your Primary Router and your Wifi device connecting to the extender. This will give you the best consistently solid signal quality from the extender.

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