Monday, August 19, 2019

#107 ESP8266 WiFi Relay (with an Arduino)

New! you might want to control some mains electrical (or lower voltage) item using your phone, perhaps? This single ESP8266 plug-in controls a relay that is built into the module.

An Android app (.apk) allows you to configure the relay to switch on and off (toggle) or have a momentary action. All well and good then. Well, **not really**. Watch the video to find out what they did wrong and how a small Arduino (eg Nano or even an ATTiney85) comes to the rescue!

The Arduino sketch is right here in the Github repository (simple would be too complex a word to describe I bought my device (Banggood) Webpages (this 5v relay) (all their WiFI relays) page that walks you through the steps to configure it (thanks Graham Wise) wepages on ESP8266 and AT commands (incl. replacement for the baud rate command)

Link to the ORIGINAL AT command firmware (from Espressif) with instructions you like this video please give it a thumbs up, share it and if you're not already subscribed please consider doing so :)

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