Friday, August 2, 2019

Ansible Network Automation Tutorial - Backup Cisco Router UPDATED

This Ansible Network Automation Tutorial will show you how to backup a Cisco Router configuration file using Ansible

This is an excerpt from my Ansible for Network Engineers Course you are looking for some Ansible network automation use cases this is a perfect start.

Using Ansible 2.7 I will walk through the playbook I used every day to backup Cisco Routers and Switches you want to clone the repo above you can get the playbook and others as well so you can start using Ansible for Network Automation on your Cisco Devices.

This Ansible network playbook playbook can also be adjusted to backup Nexus, ASA, Junpier or any other devices by just changing the Ansible Module in use.

To backup a Nexus device you need to use the nxos_command module

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