Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Autopixiewps - Wifi wps cracking Tool install in Termux

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This video is only for #Educational purpose Dont miss use this tutuorial.use this tutorial on your own devices,Networks to check the vulnerabilities and fix it.if you are used this tutorial in any illegal Or Malicious activities i am not responsible for your action,so gays always #staylegal #dolegal.



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14 years old boy made RANSOMEWARE

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full details about jio hacker in hindi urdu

:- All the pictures/Images/music shown / played in this videos belongs to the respected owner not me, And all videos tutorials in my channel is made only for educational Purpose to help others.the video on this channel is not made for harmful activities so friends always stay legal do legal.

Thanks and love : #TechnicalMujeeb.

so friends now currently i have no external wifi adpter so that is the reason i am not shows how to use this tool.and you have any wifi adapter then simply search on YT how to use this tool you get some videos..okk


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