Friday, August 16, 2019

Can We See Someone Wifi Password|Wifi Explained in Detail Urdu Hindi Tutorial

Hi Friends!! I’m Tamoor Pardasi here with another new and fresh video. In this video I will tell you about wifi that can it be hacked or not. You may listen thousands of time or watch videos on YouTube that wifi can be hacked easily with the help of android apps and you get free password of wifi.

I will explain you that can we hack wifi or not. First of all I must tell you that hacking of wifi or any other type of hacking is illegal. Now I tell you that wifi can be hacked by the professional hackers not like someone who doesn’t know a single word of hacking. All the wifi apps are misleading apps; you can’t hack wifi using those apps and the passwords shown in the apps are wrong ones. You can use open wifi networks which have no security.


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