Tuesday, August 6, 2019

DJI Tello Drone How To Extend Range With Xiaomi WIFI Repeater 2

In the DJI Tello FB Group, a lot of people are figuring out ways to extend their Tello toy drone. One of which is extending the range using a wifi repeater. This won't extend the height but rather than length.

** GET THE GEAR ON got the XIAOMI My WIFI repeater 2 usb stick. This uses USB power. The benefit is that you can simply plug this to a power source like a battery bank when in the field. So we need the Mi home app on your smartphone to program the repeater to automatically connect to a source which in this case is our drone.

Think of this are having your internet router in the basement and you want to get wifi in the backyard. You would use this repeater to extend the signal from your kitchen or dining room so that the signal is extended into the backyard.

What's important here.

1. change the wifi SSID name /password on the drone.

2. connect to the drone using the new ssis with your smartphone

3. use the Mi home app to connect to the done

4. let it program itself ( solid blue light is good)

5. use your smartphone to connect to the new access point that the repeater created.

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