Thursday, August 1, 2019

First attempt of tramming my CNC 6040 Router Spindle

A couple of video ago I found out that my spindle of my cnc 6040 Router was out of tram. When using small diameter end mills I never noticed this being the case, but when I used a 25 mm router bit the tool marks were 0.3 mm deep. That indicated that spindle was pretty badly aligned.

Affiliate links to all the tools used in this video:

⅛ inch double flute end yellow adjustable indicator:

Gearbest: magnetic indicator arm:

Gearbest: dial indicator:

Gearbest: bed:

Gearbest: correctly tram the spindle you need a tram tool to measure the alignment of the spindle. All the tramming tools that are for sale where to big for the spindle of my CNC 6040 router. I decided to make my own simple version from a strip of aluminium, a small dial indicator and a broken end mill. The glass bed from my 3D printer turned out to be perfect for creating a flat surface on my machine bed.

The tramming process isn't very difficult but it’s more time consuming than I first thought. For my CNC 6040 router the spindle bracket had to be modified slightly because there wasn’t enough clearance between the bracket end the allen bolts that secure the spindle to the machine frame. The fine adjustments were the most annoying part. I really missed a system that helps with the smallest adjustments. A rubber hammer was to coarse for this part.

In the end I got both axis to an acceptable alignment for this first attempt. The tool marks with the 25 mm router bit went from 0.3 mm to a couple of hundreds of a millimeter (to small to measure). So an improvement of a factor 10-15. I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't got the router spindle a 100 percent aligned, so there is some room for improvement. I’m thinking about making system that helps with the fine adjustments. Something that works with turning a screw/bolt in or out. Do you have such a system on your CNC 6040 router or do you have any suggestions please let me know!

Six low budget end mills for aluminium:

Tool 1: ⅛ inch 2 flute:

Tool 2: 4 mm 3 flute: 3: 5 mm 3 flute: 4: 4 mm 2 flute: 5: 4 mm 2 flute: 6: 6 mm 2 flute chamfer: video with Feeds and Speeds:

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