Saturday, August 10, 2019

Gamer Setup - This router can save your marriage!

In this video I show you how to setup an Edge Router X and a Unifi Access Point. The ER-X is especially interesting for gamers as it supports SQM, which helps to prevent ping spikes caused by congestion.

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- 2:02 it fixes your marriage?

- 3:36 why an ER-X instead of OpenWRT/LEDE?

- 4:09 why an ER-X instead of an USG?

- 6:27 ER-X basic setup

- 9:19 ER-X Smart Queue configuration

- 10:06 ER-X Port forwarding and UPNP

- 13:13 Unifi Access Point setup


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You don't pay more! I simply get a small percentage from Amazon for every completed purchase made using an affiliate link. :)


Buffer Bloat Test: UPNP2 Setup ------------

//delete old upnp1 service

delete service upnp

//check if upnp2 is active (it's not if this doesn't return a number):

pidof miniupnpd

//show routes opened by upnp2

show upnp2 rules

//enable upnp2


set service upnp2 listen-on $LAN_INTERFACE_1


set service upnp2 listen-on $LAN_INTERFACE_N

set service upnp2 wan $WAN_INTERFACE

set service upnp2 secure-mode enable

set service upnp2 nat-pmp enable




----------- // UPNP2 Setup ------------

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