Thursday, August 8, 2019

How to get started with LinuxCNC - CNC router - 2018

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This video is a tutorial showing you how you can use LinuxCNC to control a CNC router. It's free software that I use to make parts for RC aeroplanes and drones. I've used the OX CNC router from OpenBuilds supplied as a kit form Ooznest. But it should work with most CNC routers

It's a long video so I've included the section you can jump to

It includes the following:-

1. Why you may want to use LinuxCNC instead of software such as Mach3. Quick clue "It's FREE"

2. CNC router machines you can build or Controller board I use with LinuxCNC - the Downloading LinuxCNC to boot from USB or Running the latency test to determine the value for the stepconf Configuration with the stepconf wizard to work with a TB6560 and 3 axis 4 stepper motor CNC Testing each Axis to ensure smooth Loading G-code made with Fusion 360 for a drone is here Making the first cut - a frame for a Tri-Copter The finished frame and Links for the products mentioned in the video:

CNC 6040 Router


eBay US UK US UK Port Card


Amazon US UK CNC Controller


eBay US UK US UK Relay


eBay US UK UK USA Links


Post on my website with details and screenshots of stepconf Relay Configuration is for Mach3 but the wiring is the same for LinuxCNC. Just set in the Stepconf wizard to use a "Spindle ON" and it works just G-code

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