Monday, August 19, 2019

How to Setup Nord VPN On Asus WRT - WiFi Router - Geo Unblocking - Tutorial

How to setup Nord VPN on an Asus ASUS WRT WiFi router with standard firmware, RT AC87U - AC66U and so on. Another wonderful ZanyGeek tutorial, you can count on. Easy to follow whole house VPN protection and geo unblocking.

**** Subscribe to Nord VPN - : to cover your tracks? Being hunted by the A-Team? Did the Russians hack your grans WiFi? Is Obama your dad? Then you might need a VPN.....

Feel like you need to hide your ip address?, want to surf Netflix from another country? Undo that annoying geo blocking, connect to web pages that are now blocked by your ISP, speed up a throttled internet connection or use bit torrents? Then you sound like you could do with a good fast VPN client. Thank the lord for Nord...... VPN. Nord VPN just works, its fast and resonantly priced.

Nord VPN runs on Android, on your PC, all over the show and its really cheap. Nord VPN is one of the best and fastest VPN services on the market today.

We've all seen Snowden the movie, don't waste your time with free VPNs and proxy unblocking, Nord VPN client is the way forward.

Nord Vpn Open VPN files : - or - - or - - or - me know if any/all the links stop working!

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