Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Huawei WS331a WiFi Router + Repeater | Plug & Play | 300Mbps | Unboxing, Setup & Review in Bangla

This video is about Huawei wS331a. This is a plug and play mini Router + Repeater. Its very powerful and has automatic network identification capability.

Buy Huawei WS331a online @ portable wireless router supports leading-edge MIMO design and DHCP routing. This Huawei wireless router can also act as a wireless repeater.The Huawei WS331a Mini Portable Wireless Router delivers the access speeds of up to 300Mbps and becomes an ideal choice for business and leisure. It features Huawei’s leading-edge WLAN security lock that lets you switch on the WLAN security mode at the press of a button, where guests will be kept from accessing your network. The Huawei WS331a Mini can intelligently identify and switch between different network requirements and adjust the connections accordingly so that you can enjoy the perks of high-speed internet at home or on the go. Available in a white finish, the Huawei WS331a Mini portable wireless router boasts a sleek and compact build that makes it easy to transfer and easy to place.


WLAN security lock

Automatic network scenario identification

Easy configuration and management

High-speed Ethernet connectivity

Wlan access


Wlan repeating

Bandwidth control


Parental control.

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