Saturday, August 10, 2019

Mercusys Router Setup as Wireless Range Extender / Repeater (WDS Bridging)

Mercusys Router Setup as wireless range extender / repeater / wds / bridge mode. Watch full video..

Mercusys Router Default IP:-

Device 1:- Any Router / firewall / other devices etc..

TP-Link Router:- (AP Router)

Device 2:- Mercusys Router (Bridge) (Client Router)

Recommended - Give ip address from your existing router's ip range, you can easily access internet and both devices.

Buy Mercusys Router MW325R Here:- to my channel:- Router Internet & Wireless Network Setup (first Use Setup) :- Router users internet Access allow or block (Network Access Control):- Router MAC Clone IP & MAC binding setup (Solved Authentication Failure):- Router Setup PlayList:- Router Setup PlayList:- Device Configuration:- from youtube audio library


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