Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Netgear N300 WiFi range Extender- Wifi Repeater Setup & reView - WiFi extender 4 Gaming 2018

NETGEAR N300 WiFi Range Extender setup, unboxing and review. Step by Step for beginners on how to setup this Netgear n300 range extender easily plus get a Netgear wifi extender review.

This is a pretty good Netgear wifi range extender n300 wn300rp. They also call the Netgear n300 wifi range extender ex2700. It can be had for around $25-$29 bucks. However, keep in mind that although this Netgear repeater extender works really good and give you a good strong constant radio signal it is not dual band. That is to say that this Netgear range extender supports 2.4ghz and not 5ghz bands.

How does it work? This NETGEAR N300 range extender/rjepeleater has a very small footprint and is a plug and play device. You plug it into a wall outlet and go through the configuration that takes on a few minutes and you are up and running in no time. And the best part is you and be in the next room away from your existing wifi router and still perform a Netgear n300 range extender setup through your wireless device like your laptop computer or even your Cell.

This NETGEAR extender is a favorite model of mine. It continues to provide a good strong constant signal always. The downside is that it only supports 2.4GHz radio band. The upside is that it's very cheap to purchase. It makes for a good wireless repeater or wireless booster or wifi extender if you only need a single band with of 2.4GHz. Also it's a great wifi range extender for gaming if you have a xbox you and either connect up to via wifi or through the Netgear n300 wifi range extenders ethernet port just by using LAN cable connection. The LAN Netgear n300 wifi range extender review done in this video is short and to the point.

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