Friday, August 9, 2019

No-Ip Create Free Static Host for Dynamic IP | Router Configuration | Digital Hacker

No-Ip Create Free Static Host for Dynamic IP | Digital Hacker

No-IP's core product is dynamic DNS services ("DDNS"). The basic dynamic DNS services using a domain owned by No-IP are free to use as long as the account remains active. An upgraded service to use your own domain name will cost about $25 for the year. Dynamic IP addresses are common on residential cable or DSL broadband accounts. The free service allows users to set up between one and three hostnames on a domain name provided by No-IP. The host name will then resolve to the current IP address of that user's computer. A software client is also provided by No-IP for Windows, OS X, and Linux that can be run on the computer that has the dynamic address. No-IP also provides other DNS, e-mail, and Network Monitoring services.

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