Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tenda N300 Mini Wifi Repeater

Update 13/11/2018 - Tenda D301 ADSL and Hi to viewers. This video is to show a little bit about Tenda N300 Mini Wireless Repeater.

At first, I wrongly bought Tenda N300 Universal Range Extender Model A9. The different between this 2 model is only Ethernet port. My purpose for buying this Wifi extender is to get better control on my wireless CCTV. Settings for both are the same.

So, Tenda N300 Wifi Repeater is worth buying. With price of RM51, the extender make a huge different on my Wifi connection. The coverage is wider and the speed are better than before. Since I'm want to use Ethernet Cable for my CCTV, I find the CCTV controlling is better and no lagging.

On this video, I will share first method as shown inside the manual, speedtest result for both router & extender and live CCTV control. The configuration is very easy. For experts, you can extend your Wifi connection by using WPS button.

Hope the video will help you.

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