Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The NEW RYZE DJI Tello (UPDATED How to Setup Mi Wifi Repeater on DJI Tello)

How to set-up your Mi wifi repeater to your DJI Tello

This will increase your wifi range i think it can go over 100meters

Just Follow this easy steps:

Download the Mi Home Apps

and create an account Singapore (Recommended)

Some server like US Server does not support Mi wifi repeater 2 and not on the list of device.

1. Connect to your Tello and Set Tello wifi name and password

2. Restart Tello (not reset) then connect to your Tello using your new password

3. Open the Mi App then add device Mi wifi repeater 2

4. Search your Tello wifi name and input the same password and check the yellow blinking light and click next

5. Now go back to wifi settings this time connect to mi wifi repeater then go back to Mi Home App

6. The Set-up will now continue

7. When the set-up end it will say connection error (it’s fine if the light in your mi wifi repeater turns blue)

8. Once the light turns blue it means your tello is now connected to mi wifi repeater

9. To check go to your wifi search for your tello wifi name with ***_plus then connect on it using the same password.

10. Enjoy

In my next video I will test the range with wifi extender

if you missed my video on calibrating and changing props

here is the link: of my Tello videos: you for watching

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