Tuesday, August 6, 2019

WL559E Aztech Repeater Setup

Setup using computer Lan cable

Please follow the instruction below for you to access the web UI and set-up

1. Turn off or disconnect the Wi-Fi on your computer.

2. Plug in and power on the WL559E.

3. Press the RESET button below for 5 seconds. You will need to use a pin to push the reset button inside the small hole.

4. Connect the repeater to your computer using a LAN cable.

5. Open a browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) 6. Enter on the address bar and press Enter.

7. Choose your Wi-Fi name and enter the password.

8. Click APPLY.

9. Wait for the page to reload and save the settings.

10. Once the page has loaded, you may try to connect to the WiFi.

NOTE: You need to place the device where it can get at least 2 bars in the signal bar so you will have a good connection.

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