Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2 Setup & I-Spy Tank Test Video

I've been testing some Wi-Fi repeaters the past few weeks but this one really stands out, The Xiaomi MI is not the easiest to configure but it is the one with the best range and stability. This repeater uses standards 802.11b/g and n which would ensure good backwards compatibility for older RC vehicles as well as a more up to date specification in 'n'. In this video i complete 2 tests first, one driving the tank with just my iPhone wifi unboosted and the other using the tank with the repeater boosting the signal, then i go into the setup of the repeater.

00:04 - Intro

01:11 - Tank setup phone wifi only

01:54 - Bit of FPV

03:37 - Marking the first test area

03:50 - Setting up the repeater and tank for test 2

05:00 - Bit of FPV

07:56 - Final test results

08:15 - Unboxing and Setup of repeater

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