Friday, August 30, 2019

XIAOMI WIFI REPEATER 2 Full Review / Tutorial / Setup

XIAOMI WIFI REPEATER 2 Full Review / Tutorial / Setup

This video tells us about the features and specs of the Xiaomi Wifi Repeater 2 and it's step-by-step setup/configuration. Just follow the procedures in the video and enjoy its full capacity by extending the range of your router signal at home.

I wasn't able to include in the video that the transmission speed is dependent on your home routers internet speed. A repeater only extends your main routers wifi range. When I was 3 houses away from our home, I was still able to receive 30% wifi signal/transmission from the Xiaomi Wifi Repeater 2.

This is the link on How To Convert your Pocket Wifi into a Wifi for dropping by. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial.

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