Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Detect Active Menu in Vue Router and Laravel Plus HTML5 History Mode

Let's Build a Multi-Purpose Laravel + Vue Application is out now. In this series, you learn everything you need to know about Building a complete web application with Laravel and Vue js. So, I am so excited that so many of you guys like my content and keep inspiring me to create more videos. My goals is to inspire you to write better code and better applications.

Open Source At are the things you will learn in this series:

* How use Vue Router with Laravel

* How to Install AdminLTE 3

* How to Use Font Awesome 5 on Laravel

* How integrate mailchimp with laravel

* How to use Laravel Socialite

* How to Login Using Social Media

* How to Use API in Laravel

* Api Auth with Laravel Passport

* JWT with Laravel Passport and JavaScript Request

* Vue Custom Events

* Vue form with Laravel

* Relational Database with Laravel

* Axios and Ajax Request

* ACL in Laravel

* Online Users list

* And much more...


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