Wednesday, September 4, 2019

How to Setup a Router (Planetside 2 Tutorial)

The routing spire can allow you to deploy spawns for your faction almost anywhere. Can be very usefull in squad plays.

The process is basically:

-Pull an Ant

-Harvest at least 4000 cortium

-Build Silo and Routing spire

-Pull a router from the routing spire

-Place it somewhere cool


Requirements to join NCIv:

-Play NC on Miller

-Be mature (polite and respectful at the very least)

-Speak and understand english

-Willing to obey orders

-Microphone &Teampseak installed and working

-Unlock 2 AT mines for the engineer (100 certs)

-Repair tool & Revive tool rank 3 at least (80 + 80 certs)

-Present yourself on the NCIv subreddit and answer ALL the questions

-Join the NCIv community page on google+

-Get an avatar image for google+

-Fill the NCIv Sheet on the community page

-Read the NCIv guide

NCIv Subreddit: Community page:

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