Sunday, September 1, 2019

Mikrotik Tutorial 01 How to configure mikrotik router from basic

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How to configure mikrotik router from basic.

1) Connect a Ethernet cable to ETH2 from your laptop/desktop.

2) Download winbox and open it.

3) You can login mikrotik using MAC address or IP address.

4) Change interface name as requirement.

5) Assign IP address in the interface as requirement.

6) Add default route IP--Routes

7) Add DNS Server IP--DNS

8) Go IP--Firewall--NAT , configure NAT as requirement

9) Configure DHCP Step-1 ,IP--Pool change as requirement

10) Configure DHCP Step-2, IP-- DHCP Server--Networks change as requirement

11) Ping test from mikrotik terminal

Ping and ping

12) Add new username,remove username admin and set password of both user. System--Users

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