Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Xiaomi Router 3C || Lan Settings || Change Network Adress in Xiaomi Router || in Hindi

Change The Settings Of Xiaomi Wifi To Change The Network Adree

Step 1: Login to Router Through Gate way.

Ster 2: Go to Settings

Step 3: Go to Lan Settings

Step 4: Enter the Starting ip(Or set is as Default)

Step 5:Enter the Ending ip(Or set is as Default)

Step 6:Set the Lease Time (By Default its 720 min Means 1 Day)

Step 7:Enter the Lan Network (*The Lan Network Will Always End With 1 ex ( )

Step 8: Save All Config And Wait For router restarting

Lease Time Define :

When you lease an apartment, you're assigned a mailing address that only you can use. ... Each device on the network must have a unique IP address. A Dynamic Host Control Protocol, or DHCP, server leases an address to a new device for a period of time, called the DHCP lease time.


MIWIFI Unboxing : Lan Settings Mi Router 3c Internet & Wireless Network Setup

Connectivity Options: DYNAMIC / STATIC / PPPoE (Service Name Option Available for PPPoE users) Watch Full Video.

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